slettet Lucia

Dear “LeveFællesSkab i NordJylland” group, My name is Lucia, I am a 42 years old Civil-Environmental Engineer (working at AAU- Department of the Built Environment), a photographer, free diver, dancer …and a traveler.

I arrived in Aalborg the first time in 2006. I have been based in Denmark ever since, but with 2-3 long breaks. Only since a couple of years I finally feel home here in NorthJylland.

I have a permaculture certificate from 2010, I live now in a kolonihus as much as I can, even if I do have a tiny house in Aalborg city center. I love tiny living!

I have started eco- communities a couple of times before with longtime friends. In one case we were 8 people and despite we could not find the right place, we did look into conflict resolution in communities and had started thinking about an organizational framework.

In the second case (2013), we got 9 hectares of land in Sicily and we started living there with tents and caravans. We renovated the old catchment water system and got the vegetables garden going. We also organized communal work events to attract other “permaculturists” to help us with some bigger works. I decided to leave the community after 1.5 years as it wasn´t providing me with enough for living and travelling. That community, nevertheless, still exist and is growing.

Finally, with a group of 4 friends in 2009 I have realized a 60 kW photovoltaic park in Lemonos, Greece, now up and running; despite this not being a communal living experience, it required a lot of trust, coordination and common intentions, just like a community.

I have heard about LeveFællesSkab i NordJylland group from Ann Mai and I feel deeply that this is something I want to be part of. ….Clearly I am a foreigner and my Danish is not that good yet…. Nevertheless, I am a (hunter)-gatherer and love cultivating vegetables.

I also have some knowledge in phytodepuration, water systems and renewable energy.

For myself, I would like to bond and learn with likeminded people, create a family feeling, slow down my life, develop more my artistic side and maybe organize workshops both technology-related but also dance&movements-related.

I can foresee keeping my job at AAU, but slowly passing to a part time position. I do not intend to have children, but I like taking care of other people. I have one amazing cat called Nanami, she is superb at keeping the surroundings mice-free .

We would like to move in a sustainable tiny house, Earthship-inspired, that I would design myself. I could also think of moving with Ann Mai in a bigger communal house. I do have a partner but it is yet too early to discuss moving somewhere together…. It have many practical questions I could not find the time to ask during the last meeting, but I would love if you could count me in in this project and I can´t wait to get you know all better!